IntelliQ Research and Strategy is a full service market and customer insights, intelligence, and analytics firm consisting of two highly specialized divisions, IntelliQ Health and IntelliQ B2B.  Our overall mission is simple:empower organizations, institutions and individuals to harness the power of information through the acquisition, integration, and transformation of data into meaningful information and actionable insights.

IntelliQ Research and Strategy is different from other firms in two important ways:

1. Our commitment, willingness and ability to take insights a step further and work alongside our clients as strategic insight partners to turn complex data into actionable recommendations, strategies and tactical initiatives.

2. Our organization is highly specialized within the healthcare vertical on the one hand, and the Business to Business sector, on the other.  Our senior consultants are seasoned business professionals with a depth of industry specific expertise who stay up to date on key industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

Collectively, we have a long history and track record of accomplishment working with clients in healthcare, as well as a variety of B2B markets, including manufacturing, management consulting, financial services, transportation, information technology and education.  Our experience in these sectors minimizes the time our clients have to invest in getting our team up to speed, shortening project turnaround time by collecting the right information from the right decision makers at the right time.  This allows us to work side by side with our clients to provide the actionable insights and recommendations that facilitates strategic high stakes, mission-critical decision making.


IntelliQ Research and Strategy's roots began in 1983 as Cooper Research.  Cooper was founded with the narrow vision of a highly specialized research organization that would only serve the healthcare community.  Since that time, Cooper Research has delivered over 3,000 research studies and helped countless organizations improve their marketing strategy, product planning, and new product/market entry decision making.

Over 20 years ago, another member of the IntelliQ Research and Strategy family, Diagnostics Plus, was founded by a Penn State University professor.  Since 1987, Diagnostics Plus, located near the Penn State University main campus and still closely associated with the university today, has been helping Business to Business organizations and educational institutions fulfill their information and planning needs and to make fact-based decisions using traditional and state-of-the-art market research tools.

IntelliQ Research and Strategy was formed in 2009 through the merger of our two best-in-class organizations.  Today, IntelliQ Research and Strategy has a large team of experienced consultants and research professionals, (including focus group moderators, survey administrators and analysts), an in-house telephone survey research center, online and mobile research capabilities, and access to leading secondary and competitive information sources.

Our Philosophy

At IntelliQ Research and Strategy, we believe that both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis are important tools for obtaining knowledge and insights about how customers think and behave.  Developing a research objective, creating the questionnaire, and collecting as well as integrating various types of data is only the beginning of this important process.  The real work comes in interpreting the data so that analysis and recommendations are tied to the client's mission and direction, as well as the specific research objectives. Our goal is to help our clients better understand the perplexing problems and issues they face as a company heading into the future.

Too many studies end up on the shelf, unused, and viewed as unnecessary expenditures.  Our view is that every dollar spent on research should have significant value to management, executives and key decision makers, giving them vision or "eyes" into the market to help them surpass the competition.